Dollar Redesign Project - Silent Rogue
Ever get tired of looking at our boring dollar bills? Ever think: Why can't our money be as cool as the Swiss notes?

Well, you are not the only one. Designer Richard Smith feels so strongly that the drab dollar bill should be redesigned to reflect the modern age that he has set up the Dollar ReDe$ign Project. He has allowed any and all designers, fanatics, and amateur artists to submit their concept of new bills for the US currency.

He has also started a petition to get the government to consider a change in how the bills look; however, Washington has denied the request on the grounds that changing the currency would require a massive technological upheaval of ATMs, vending machines, and basically all money related bills, which would not be cost-effective for small businesses. (I find this surprising since the last change a few years ago also required a major change in how machines are programmed...)

In any case, this year's competition is over, but since the US has not agreed to any change, I'm sure there will be another one next year. What are your thoughts on this change?

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