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Be careful what you post on your social media networks - it could cause you your job or land you in jail.

Earlier this month, a 20 year old juror (Hadley Jons) from Detroit posted "gonna be fun to tell the defendant they're guilty" as her facebook status when the defense lawyer's son discovered it. The next day, the juror was confronted by the judge (Diane Druzinski) and immediately replaced by a different juror.

While she was not fined or incarcerated, the defending lawyer (Saleema Sheikh) did provide the following statement: "I would like to see her get some jail time, nothing major, a few hours or overnight. This is the jury system. People need to know how important it is." The court still ruled in favor of the prosecutor in the end, but it just goes to show you, anything you put up on the web is visible by anyone.

On a slightly related note, sports writer Mike Wise was suspended from his position with the Washington Post for the duration of one month. The reason? He tweeted a story that Pittsburgh Steelers star Ben Roethlisberger (who has been accused of sexually assaulting a Georgia college student) would get a five-game suspension. Other news outlets immediately picked up the story and ran with it. Just one problem... The story was made up by Wise to prove a point: No one checks the facts for themselves these days when reporting.

While he made his point (and was quite correct in his reasoning), the Post only saw his violation of social media policy and suspended him. He issued an apology later but maintained that he "was right about nobody checking facts or sourcing."

Social media members, post with care.
So, I've been living in LA since I was born, and I've witnessed countless Los Angeles sports team victories. However, it always amazes me that only the Lakers winning seems to be as tragic for the city as a mutant giant octopus attack.

Apparently having only one taxi set on fire and a few very expensive electronic signs toppled is an upgrade from previous years where store windows were broken and rampant theft occurred.

Are these so-called "fans?", "Angelinos?" really fans? Or are they just that damn stupid to realize hat they will end up paying more taxes every time a cop car is dispatched. Or maybe they are really the fans of other teams who come into LA to cause havoc and infiltrate the ranks. Or maybe, they are aliens from a distant planet that moves into other civilizations and starts rots. Or maybe... Yeah, who am I kidding? These are quite definitely the most idiotic fans I've ever laid eyes on. (No offense to those like me who take revelry with responsibility). However, what is the need for all this mayhem? Isn't winning the coveted title enough? I suppose I will never really know what makes this destruction such an integral part of celebration in this city, but I would hope that these people come to their sense before we are overrun with taxation.