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The latest film in the Chronicles of Narnia series glides into theaters this weekend, and fans of the book will be surprised to see some major changes. Voyage of the Dawn Treader follows the two youngest Pevensie children and their somewhat annoying cousin Eustace on a sea-born voyage focused on finding seven noble lords banished by Caspian's evil uncle. While the main plot remains the same, some expected changes do occur in what directer Michael Apted chose to focus on (without giving away too much):

First and foremost, the order of some events in the book are shifted and combined in order to fit the story into the time limit. Also, a focus on the relationships between the two siblings to their older counterparts goes beyond anything in the book as does the immense change that seems to overtake the character of Eustace. However, the biggest (and most obvious) change is the inclusion of some themes from the next Narnia book: The Silver Chair.

Lewis's book was a very idyllic stroll through the lands that surround Narnia, but it was too episodic to make a compelling and "edge-of-the-seat" gripping film. That's why Apted opted for the digression (which was originally met with disdain by the Lewis estate).

This move may help the somewhat flailing series to get back on its feet after a pretty miserable performance by Prince Caspian. By taking themes from The Silver Chair, a much smoother transition into the next movie is possible. This is something that has been lacking in the series thus far and just may prove to be the missing ingredient to box office supercess (my term for super-success).

If Walden Media and Twentieth Century Fox want to keep making these movies, they should keep this trend going and really focus on keeping a connection between all the books - especially because the cast of protagonists is too inconsistent for a movie series.

As far as Voyage of the Dawn Treader goes, brace yourselves for a fast-paced, action-packed thrill ride that still manages to connect with the human emotion. With great visuals, a good soundtrack, wonderful production value, and decent acting, this movie will not be a waste of your money!
Indecision - Luke Chueh
You know it's happened to you before. You want to do something, but there's this something (maybe you) standing in the way stopping you from what you want. You try to find a way to make it all work, and you realize you have just two options: pick one route and stick with it, or wait it out and see what happens (hoping all the while that the world will work out for you). Well, when you write it down, the choice seems pretty simple doesn't it? But when it's a big life decision, it's not that easy to just pick a path and follow it without hesitation. I mean, you're determining the rest of your future, so how can you simplify the situation to a black and white state of mind? Feelings can sometimes conflict with logic, and necessity may be put on the back burner for a more flippant mood. I guess what I'm trying to say is: When you are in a situation that determines a significant portion of your life, you need to first be able to determine if it is a matter of the mind or a matter of the heart and then follow whichever it is full-force. Then, after determining that distinction, you have to make your decision with either your heart or your head in mind. I'm not saying it's easy - trust me, it's not, but I've had a lot of time to think this through, and I figured I'd share my insights into living life in this deliberative world.

As always, it's been a pleasure. Until next time, friends.

So, I'm a nerd, and as a nerd, I like Star Wars. And because I like Star Wars, I like Star Wars-related things. That's why, when I came across a video recapping the entire original trilogy in two minutes and forty-one seconds, I was overcome with geek love. Take a look at the following stop-motion, paper cut-out version of the trilogy with its very own original soundtrack entitled "Tatooine" created by the talented Jeremy Messersmith: