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Ever wonder what google looked like the first day it went up? How about yahoo? facebook? myspace (the place for business connections)?

Well, wonder no longer. The Internet Archive Wayback Machine (for those of you who have yet to encounter its magnificence) allows users to input any domain they can think of, and chances are, there will be a litany of dates to choose from. Of course, the obscure website you visit every Saturday night alone in your room will probably not be found, but taking a look at the changes that have taken place on the more popular sites is definitely interesting.

The aesthetics and functionality of websites have definitely been increased over the years, but the most interesting things I noticed while using this program is that some of the major websites used today started off with very different purposes. Check it out for youself!
Alright, I'll admit it... I'm sure you noticed my quick posts, so I'll admit I have been slacking the last few days. All I can say is give me a few days and I'll be back to my old blabbering self writing way too much text and doling out unnecessary information.

For the time being, however, please enjoy this AMAZING flash game/recruitment application for the Swedish army. If the Americans used something like this, I'm sure more Call of Duty fans would enlist... It's a team based game, so don't slack off and let your peers die!
Sorry, I couldn't resist putting up this HILARIOUS photo!
Visual personifications of some popular sites... Which one are you?
I was randomly surfing the web, and I ran across this website that let's you warp your face and determines your level of attractiveness based on symmetry and facial structure.

If you're bored and have a minute, check it out:

I wouldn't take it too seriously, though. It's just something to pass the time and ease boredom.