Update - Silent Rogue
So today was a nice day. I had a great time with some great friends and got some work done too.

I decided my old youtube channel should be used a bit more, so I went ahead and customized the look of it. I still haven't added any recent vids to it, but I will be getting to that soon. Check it out here.

I also finalized a design for my personal business card, and I am in love with it. Check that out here.

Also, I perfected my resume template to both highlight my skills and look professional and unique with a beatufil design. You can check it out here. Just kidding, I haven't had the chance to add all my stats onto it, but I'll put it up soon if anyone is interested.

Life's going good right now. A few kinks always persist, but I'm hoping to work those down and enjoy a bump-free ride.

Until next time, mates...

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