Undercovers by JJ Abrams - Silent Rogue
This show wowed me! The acting, story, writing, music, execution, EVERYTHING was done so well that I had to get off my high horse and actually give the horrible and uninspired concept some credit. I can honestly say that if it were not for the brilliance of JJ Abrams, any show based off a married couple going off to be secret agents would be an ultimate failure. However, Undercovers has enough redeeming qualities that I am actually looking forward to watching the next episode (although I doubt I will ever become a hardcore fan - just not my type of show).

While both lead characters displayed wonderful chemistry and great execution of lines, some of the supporting cast should reconsider their career aspirations (or at least put more effort into their work). The music was solid and played well against the action on screen. The writing was fantastic, and the editing was solid as well. Overall, Undercovers looks like it will last for a while (and having a beautiful cast doesn't hurt either).

While I cannot claim any multi-million dollar successes of my own, I do, however, have one piece of advise for Mr. Abrams: Learn to make better trailers that actually showcase the assets of your product. Because, quite frankly I had pretty low expectations after those sad, sad glimpses...

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