Tumblr? Blogger? - Silent Rogue
Have I been slacking on this blog recently... Yes, yes I have...

Life's been pretty hectic recently, but I'm glad to say that I will be back to my usual posting within a week.

In any case, if you have a tumblr or a blogger/blogspot account, please go ahead and follow me on both! Both of the accounts actually redirect to right here, but if you want to have me on your feeds, be sure to add thesilentrogue.tumblr.com or thesilentrogue.blogspot.com to your feeds.

(I'm working on getting the wordpress account also, but someone apparently already has it... which I'd be fine with, except that they don't use it, and have not touched it in over a year... *sigh* - sadness).

Anyways, be sure to add me to your feeds, and until next time...

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