The Official Shut Up and Jam - Silent Rogue
So as I was wasting away my life in front of the computer screen again, I ran into something that can be described as just one thing: 90s...

I can't remember how I landed on this gem, but it was definitely a very precious gem. So, in the ninties, alot of things went down. People went crazy over the weirdest things like Furbies (remember those? yeah, I don't either), Beanie Babies, boy bands, and basketball stars in other media (Space Jam anyone?).

Well, with such high celebrity status for ball players came endorsement deals, movies (Kazaam, Double Team) and even video game appearances. I'm sure you remember Shaq-Fu.

Keeping all those in mind, it's no surprise that Charles Barkley also made a game for himself. Entitled, "The Official Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden," the game follows a future Barkley after he allegedly performs the powerful Chaos Dunk which destroys New York City and kills thousands. Becoming an automatic criminal, Barkley must flee the authorities (and Michael Jordan) and clear his name before he is caught.

Sound something like the plot of a majority of movies coming out these days? That's because the state of creative movie creation has completely died in recent years, but that is an entirely different tirade.

Enjoy the trailer to Charles Barkley's official game below:

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