The Expendables - Silent Rogue
80's movie in 2010! Hell Yes! Such a great idea going back to what the mega-macho-men of the 80s were all about - kicking ass and taking names...

It's just sad that those days are gone. Sylvester Stallone's The Expendables attempted to restore the male-centric 80s guy movie, but it fell short. Instead of the expected feats of unbelievable physical human prowess coupled with man vs. world ideology, Stallone presents an image of a feeble attempt at resurrection.

The star studded cast failed to please as none of their individual strengths could shine through for lack of screen time. Stallone, though, did have enough screen time to display magnificence, but unfortunately, his prime hast past. Li and Stathom both failed to captivate as well, and let's not even talk about the WWE players. Rourke had the most success in his role, but unfortunately his character had no significance to the plot whatsoever.

The Expendables is one big star studded disaster with a boring plot full of holes with horrible cinematography and worse acting. This is definitely not the best work of anyone involved in the film. C+

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