Retired, Extremely Dangerous - Silent Rogue
The ever-so-unpublicized RED released in theaters across the nation this Friday, and as expected, very little buzz was created. Well, that needs to stop now. RED was given such a low budget for publicity that it really is no wonder no one has ever heard about this wonderfully entertaining and hilarious movie.

In a film that mashes the action genre with comedy and splashes of romance, a polarizing effect can be created: one will either love it or hate it. However, with RED, that isn't the case. With solid acting, ingenious and creative storytelling, BADASS fight scenes, well-fitting music, good writing, great editing,  and deliciously diabolical villains, the audience can easily find itself actually laughing out loud.

RED is an over-the-top action comedy based on a DC comic book that follows ex-CIA operatives who are being killed off by their formal employer because of their knowledge of sensitive information. RED creatively uses imaginative action scenes that don't seem gimmicky like other over-the-top movie (ahem, Scott Pilgrim, ahem). RED knows that it was never meant to be taken very seriously, and it delivers a solid, enjoyable experience that should not be missed.

If for no other reason, you have to go see this movie for the genius performance of John Malkovich as a crazed ex-agent. This was great acting in its highest sense. Malkovich will probably not be nominated for an Oscar for his performance because of the nature of the film, but I would easily cast my vote for him as the comedic performance of the year.

Aside from Malkovich, Bruce Willis performs solidly as the main character; Morgan Freeman is wonderful (and a bit underutilized); Helen Mirren is delightful; and Brian Cox as Ivan is enchanting. (I will admit, though, Mary-Louise Parker can get a bit annoying a the female lead...)

At times morbidly funny and at times pure unadulterated fun, this movie gets a nice solid A-.

Go watch it!

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