Purpose and Change - Silent Rogue
So I realized recently that my purpose behind this blog has shifted somewhat from the time I started it.

Somehow out of the depths of blogland, my personal experiences turned into a current news blog. I started talking about the latest technological devices, the most random occurrances across the globe, and even some historical references.

Well, that is about to change... Don't worry all of you who do come here to read those interesting news posts. I will still continue that, but I will be looking for only the highest quality news to report, so it will be a little less frequent.

When I started this blog, I planned on sharing my thoughts on everyday life - talking about my interests and giving some interesting takes on current events. I wanted to review intriguing films; I wanted to recount the incidents of real human contact; and I wanted to present a much more personal response to everyday life.

For these reasons, I have decided to tweak the contents of this blog, and I guess you can call this post my weak attempt at it.

That's all I have for now, so take care, have fun, and be safe...

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