NBC's Outsourced - Silent Rogue
Hmm... What can I say about this show after watching the pilot episode?

Well, it was funny...

Will the series be as good as the movie its based off of was?

Probably never...

Basically, this show is dead set on making people laugh, and it's trying WAY too hard. During the show's time bracket, the audience is hit over and over with some bad puns and exaggerated comedy. The film had its comedic moments, but they weren't the focus. It was the endearing story that made audiences fall in love. While watching the show, I was smirking with amusement, but I don't know how many more episodes of this excruciatingly desperate plea for chuckles I can endure.

Aside from the forced comedy, this show irked me more than a few times with its racial slurs. By masking any form of insult towards a certain group of people and calling it comedy, this show crosses the line for me. There's funny, and then there's too much. This is too much.

To be fair, the set-up for a potentially great season is there. If the writers stray away from the forced jokes of the pilot and focus on more character development and non-biased cultural education, I can see this show sticking around as a real contender.

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