Genesis - Silent Rogue
So I've finally done it! A new site, a new blog, a new step in my life. I don't really know where all this is headed or even what I will be talking about in this blog, but life is a mystery ahead of us all, and so I will solve the mystery by going forward full steam.

To start things off, the most common phrase I probably use in my life is: Life is hectic. I'm a busy guy, but most of it is my own fault. I tell myself (and anyone who gives two cents to listen) that I am trying to test the capacities of human existence.

To be honest, I really don't think anyone will be reading my blog regularly, hah... Who knows, maybe I'm wrong, but in any case, I'll ramble on these words as often as I can (or am inclined to).

I guess I'll close off this landmark event (at least for me) by telling you to browse my site and offer up some suggestions on anything at all: blog topics, life questions, film related discussions, narrative ideologies, marketing schemes, simple things, difficult things, small things, tall things, things with hooks, things with nooks, things with crannies, things for grannies, things for use, or things by Dr. Seuss.

As always, it is a pleasure...


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