Eye to Eye - Silent Rogue
It's been a while since I posted here. I've been focusing my attention on my tumblr since it's a much easier process of regurgitating simple and short thoughts that cross my mind or sharing other images and videos that intrigue me. So, it's time to update this blog again:

I've recently been working on a feature length script about a young doctor suffering from cystic fibrosis who has never been able to get over his ex leaving him for his brother. On the surface, it's a story about this man's relationships and his fight against his progressing illness, but on a deeper level, the film is about the unbreakable bond that is forged between two people once they meet, and the connection that lasts even after years of absence.

The protagonist Grant is obsessed with his memories of Richelle and has never been able to forgive his brother for getting together with her. What's worse is that his family supports his brother and his "true love" with Richie. Upon hearing news of their engagement, Grant becomes possessed by the idea of winning Richie back and struggles to make it happen. At the same time, Grant's personal assistant Cheryl, who has been his rock tries to win his heart over. The changing relationships between these characters forms the focus of the film, but the alienation and reconciliation of Grant and his family also takes a strong role.

In essence, I am trying to create a raw human drama where the characters involved learn to accept and appreciate their stages in life and move towards the future with bright eyes and open hearts. One cannot go through this life alone, but trying to focus on gaining the attention of a singular being while ignoring all others around becomes just as detrimental. Humans need balance, and when obsession or lack of closure begins to come into the mixture, the balance is upset, and an unhealthy situation is established.

By the time I finish this script, I am hoping that it will forge a connection between the audience and the individuals on screen and convey a message of hopeful progress.

I think it is because I have such lofty goals for this script that I have been unable to settle on a name. Normally, I have a title decided before I even start writing, but this one has just been difficult. Temporarily, I have settled on the name "Eye to Eye," but I am by no means pleased with it. I have toyed with ides like "Revolving Door," "Serenity, Courage, and Wisdom," "Grant Repose," and horrible ones like "Moving On," "Heartfelt," and "Relating" without being satisfied by any. I guess I just haven't found the perfect words to describe the entire essence of the film. (I'll take any suggestions you have to offer by the way!)

And with that, I must return to this story of love and growth. I would tell you how it ends, but I'll save it for the actual film release. As always, it's been a pleasure...


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